The Infamous Sandwiches


From being a quick fix for sudden cravings or being a rather luxurious cuisine prepared by renowned chefs, a sandwich can take up many forms. The sandwich family is rather diverse, yet it still does not cater to either hot dogs, shawarmas, or tacos either. All of them taste exquisite but none of these can be called a sandwich. A sandwich is anything that has a filling filled inside two or more pieces of bread that hold it together. A sandwich can have variations to it as per the culture of the country it originated from. It can be a confection or ambrosial, it all depends on the ingredients it has.

Types of sandwiches

  1. The Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwich is a baguette filled with mayonnaise, vegetables of your choice- jalapenos, iceberg or you name it, cold tuna or turkey, or if you need to replace these with piping hot grilled chicken breast, pork and any dressing of your liking. If you have a sweet tooth and need a quick fix, you can have the baguette filled with ice creams and dry fruits and voila! you can have your dessert.
  2. Bun kebab is an incredibly famous pakistan street food. It has secured a permanent part in the food consumed by the people living in Pakistan on daily basis. It consists of a patty made by beef and a few lentils with a perfect blend of spices which is later cooked and then put on a bun. The patty is later topped with a fried egg and is served with mint chutney.
  3. The shrimp roll in Australia is a much-loved delicacy around the country. It is made up of shrimps and julienned vegetables with a topping of thousand island sauce and in some cases mayonnaise too.
  4. The Bombay sandwich of India has to be every vegetarian’s dream. It is the same as a club sandwich, but it does not contain any source of protein or sauces. It consists of sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and the right amount of mint chutney. The best thing about these sandwiches is the fact that they are toasted till they are the perfect shade of golden brown. However, if you are a resident of Australia and are craving for this vegan sandwich, the Handmade food Co. would be happy to cater to your vegan needs. Our vegan sandwich can fulfil your craving. We are the leading food manufacturers located in Lawnton, Queenstown but we ship all around Australia.

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